Did you see the photos from the nationwide GovAbuse protest this past Friday?

False allegations of abuse are a major concern to parents going through divorce and custody cases, and even families with children in foster care. This protest was covered by TV stations, newspapers, and online news outlets.

The Partner Violence Reduction Act reduces false allegations in 5 ways:

1. Limits the definition of domestic violence

2. Distinguishes between “alleged” victims and “adjudicated” victims

3. Removes harmful mandatory arrest, predominant aggressor, and no-drop prosecution policies

4. Allows legal assistance to be provided both to the alleged victim and alleged offender

5. Requires grantees to certify that prosecutors enforce laws that ban perjury and false swearing.

If you haven’t done so yet, call your Representative’s office to meet during the August recess. Share your story of being falsely accused (keep it short and stay calm), and urge his or her support of the Partner Violence Reduction Act. SAVE has developed materials to help.

The PVRA legislative language, petition, editorials, flyers, and more can be found here: www.saveservices.org/pvra