Sheriff’s office sees increase in domestic violence calls over weekend

By Lisa Rogers

August 15, 2011

…Deputies responded to at least 20 domestic violence calls, ranging from harassment to assault. That’s at least more than double the average number, Entrekin said…

…Mike Jones, chief investigator at the sheriff’s office, said there is no explanation for the increase, but said it could be the heat or the economy…

…“It was the weekend before most kids are going back to school, and a lot of people might have found themselves without the money to buy the necessary clothes or school supplies,” Jones said. “There’s just no way to know what triggers this kind of an increase.”

Gadsden Police Capt. Roy Harbin did not notice an increase in the number of domestic violence calls in Gadsden during the weekend, but said his experience in law enforcement tells him that a full moon makes a big difference in the number of all kinds of calls, and there was a full moon over the weekend. The Gadsden Police Department did have a high call volume for all types of calls, he said.

“There’s no explanation for it, but we usually do see an increase when there’s a full moon,” he said. “I have no idea why, but the number of all calls seems to go up during a full moon.”

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