“The Boyfriend Trainer” Video Game Teaches Tweens To Slap Their Boyfriends

By Jessica Wakeman

“The Boyfriend Trainer,” in which a chick “trains” her boyfriend to behave by slapping and tasing him, is wholly inappropriate to be marketed to impressionable tween girls.

And impressionable tween girls, of course, are exactly who “The Boyfriend Trainer” is marketed to. Domestic violence is fun, kids!…

…In addition to being an inappropriate display of power and control, training your boyfriend also turns out to be pretty lame. (Although, much like a lion tamer, you do get a whip.) Example: the avatars share a milk shake, the boyfriend gets a wandering eye for girls walking past, and the girlfriend avatar slaps him in the face so a little red mark appears on his cheek. If the player doesn’t slap the bad boyfriend enough times, you lose the round when he “escapes.”

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