Abuse Shelters Not Serving True Victims — Petition Calls for Accountability


Teri Stoddard, 301-801-0608

WASHINGTON / April 27, 2011 – Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) is calling for accountability in domestic violence shelter operations. Abuse shelters have become filled with drug-abusers and homeless persons who have not been physically abused. As a result, true victims are being denied services.

The SAVE petition calls on Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin, co-chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues, to require that abuse shelters:

1. Assure real victims get the priority they deserve by requiring evidence of violence or credible proof of imminent violence.

2. Not engage in discriminatory practices.

3. Offer anger management and substance abuse services by qualified staff.

4. Assure a safe and respectful environment for victims and their children.

“It’s clear many of these programs aren’t reaching the persons who are most in need,” reveals SAVE spokesman Philip W. Cook. “And that means we’re not helping the real victims break the cycle of violence.”

The challenges facing abuse shelters are documented in SAVE’s Special Report Are Abuse Shelters Helping the True Victims of Domestic Violence? at

The petition can be signed here: