Week Four Alert: Rescind the Predominant Aggressor Policy

SAVE has sent a letter to Maine Criminal Justice Academy Director John B. Rogers calling on him to:

  1. Rescind Maine’s predominant aggressor curriculum
  2. Remove the document from the MCJA website

You can see the SAVE letter here: http://www.saveservices.org/wp-content/uploads/JohnRogersLtr4.12.2011.pdf

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments has evaluated the factual claims in the MCJA predominant aggressor curriculum and has concluded that the training document contains numerous deficiencies including:

  1. Of the 13 “What is Domestic Violence” statements, only one was found to be verifiable and true.
  2. No scientific evidence is provided to support the seven predominant aggressor criteria.
  3. The document features 10 vignettes of intimate partner altercations. In not a single case does the curriculum recommend arresting the female.

This document cannot be viewed as a credible law enforcement resource, indeed, it represents an unconscionable example of gender-profiling. SAVE is now calling on persons to contact MCJA Director John Rogers with a message like this:

“Because of the egregious biases found in the MCJA predominant aggressor curriculum, I am requesting that you immediately stop using it for training purposes, and that you remove it from the MCJA website.”

Here’s where you can make your respectful complaint:

E-mail: john.rogers@maine.gov

Phone: 207-877-8000

And while you’re at it, send a copy of your message to Gov. Paul LePage:

E-mail : governor@maine.gov

Fax : 1-207-287-1034

Phone: 1-207-287-3531

And sign the petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/disbar-assistant-district-attorney-mary-kellett-for-prosecutorial-misconduct

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For more information on this case visit: http://www.saveservices.org/abuse-hysteria-campaign