Many Officials Believe Restraining Orders are Abused

Many, but not all public officials in Delaware believe restraining orders — referred to as Protection from Abuse orders or PFAs — are widely abused. Following is a compilation of views:

  • Delaware Secretary of Family Youth and Childrens Services Vivian Rapposelli – “PFA’s are often used as pawns in divorce cases.” (Delaware State News – April 19, 2010)


  • Family Law Commission Chairperson Lynn Kokjohn – “False allegations of sexual abuse have become the weapon of choice for mothers seeking to alienate their childrens father in custody cases.” (Delaware State News – April 9, 2010)


  • Chief Family Court Judge Chandlee Kuhn – “I know there are abuses made [in the PFA system]….Unfortunately, the people who are domestic violence advocates are reluctant to give up or make any changes.” (Family Law Commission meeting May 13, 2010)


  • Former Family Law Commission Chairperson Senator Liane Sorenson – “One of our problems that has come up repeatedly to the Commission from the public has been the filing of false Protection from Abuse orders…The public has asked why people get away with claiming abuse when it didn’t happen.” (Family Law Commission meeting April 17, 2008)


  • Delaware Attorney General Joseph Biden lll – “False Protection From Abuse orders are not the issue…the vast majority of them are sought in good faith and are granted accurately.”