Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

SAVE Launches Domestic Violence Legislative Project

Rockville, MD — Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) has recently established the Domestic Violence Legislative Project, designed to improve state-level intimate partner abuse laws. The National Coordinator of the DVLP is Erik Romerhaus of Florida. The men and women participating in the Project come from every corner of the nation, and from all walks of life. They’re victims, loved ones, the falsely accused and advocates for civil and parental rights.

Initially, the group will work to curb false allegations of domestic violence. Research shows that 60% of domestic violence allegations are unnecessary or false. These false claims detract from services and protections for true victims, and erode their credibility in court.

The Domestic Violence Legislative Project is working to establish model legislation that can be implemented in states around the country. The model legislation will address such issues as:

* Definition of Domestic Violence
* Evidentiary Requirements
* Restraining Orders in Child Custody Determinations
* Effective Alternatives to Restraining Orders
* Mutual Restraining Orders
* Domestic Violence Registries
* Training of Criminal Justice Personnel

The SAVE group is also communicating with state-level legislators who have requested more information on the issue.

“The DVLP meeting was a inspiring event. I felt like there were people who would listen, acknowledge, and fight for equal rights in domestic violence legislation,” notes Hilary Madsen of Salt Lake City, Utah. Madsen is the founder of Hope, Health & Healing Counseling Services, established to counsel abused men, after finding no support from the current domestic violence service providers or coalitions in Utah.

More information on the DVLP can be found at: