VIDEO:  Father discusses son’s death to domestic violence
Six months after his son’s death, a father tries to end domestic violence

By Dave Spencer
Feb 9, 2011

Maxwell Pomeroy stands next to a pond at the Japanese Gardens in Georgetown. He says it’s here, where his son would come to feed the fish.

Most of the pond is still frozen over, but little by little the running water is wearing down the ice, and little by little time is helping wear away the pain.

Pomeroy’s son was killed six months ago. 26 year old Maxwell Pomeroy Jr. was found stabbed to death in a Scott County home.

His girlfriend, Mindy Hughes Turner, has been charged with murder.

Pomeroy has come to this garden with his son’s friends, sharing memories and talking about the kind of person Maxwell was.

“Everybody has one friend, if you’re lucky you have more than one friend… someone who you can trust and talk too. My son was that person to a lot of people,” says Pomeroy.

In memory of his son, Pomeroy and his son’s friends are trying to raise awareness for domestic violence.

Pomeroy says he’s learned that it’s not as uncommon as you may think. It’s just something, he says, that isn’t discussed that much.

Pomeroy says in the case of his son, he believed he could change Turner even though he thought it was an abusive relationship.

His goal now, while they await the trial of Turner, is to raise awareness about domestic violence towards men.