Crisis Control Center Tackles Domestic Violence this Super Bowl Season

Skiler Schmitz, Staff Writer

January 22, 2010

Football fans across the nation are patiently waiting for that historical day in American history when their football champion is finally named. While the beloved commercials are playing on the television and the dogs are out grilling at half-time, the local Crisis Control Center in Durant will be tackling domestic violence in their first ever “Tackle Domestic Violence” fundraiser.

Advocate for the Crisis Control Center Anna Marcy said their board members have done it again and the center is very excited to start the fundraiser which is geared to raise money for the program. She said with recent budget cuts statewide, their board members have went above and beyond to make sure their center does not suffer any financial loss.

Starting January 31 through the big game on February 6 , local organizations, churches, friends and neighbors are all invited to come together with their friends on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the big game and raise some money for a great cause. The proceeds from the fundraiser will then be put right back into the crisis center to help with daily operations like their shelter which offers a free hotline, crisis intervention, safety planning and court assistance.

Crisis Control Center board member Tim Boatmun said the organization does not care how you celebrate your Super Bowl Sunday as long as you are thinking of those in need. He said the weekend has one of the highest incidences of domestic violence and sexual assault than any other weekend during the year. Boatmun said such factors as alcohol and betting help contribute to these high numbers.

In a recent press release from the center, it stated that throughout the year there are nearly 4,000 women, and hundreds of women and children who are physically injured and emotionally scarred. The Crisis Control Center serves Bryan County, Atoka County, Johnston County and Marshall County. They strive to provide a safe place for hundreds of women and their children who are attempting to escape the ravages of domestic violence. They also provide counseling, advocacy and a 24-hour crisis hotline to individuals in need of emergency assistance.

Marcy said they plan for this fundraiser to be for everyone in the community and not limited to abuse on women and children. She said the center would also like to focus on men taking a stand against domestic violence. She said it not only affects the family but everyone in the entire community.

“We want to provide a place where our victims will not feel isolated or alone,” said Marcy.

The two also said there has already been a large amount of people in the community asking how they can help and have told them they plan to host events all week long to raise money for the fundraiser.

Marcy said they ask anyone interested in fundraising to contact the center so they can bring a sign to place in the front yard letting everyone know that they are taking a “tackle against domestic abuse.” They also ask that when you are celebrating the big game to just take a moment and think about those victims who are suffering from abuse in their homes. When the fundraiser is over they even plan to personally pick up the money or the funds can even be delivered to the center.

Boatmun said he liked to compare the shelter to a storm cellar where people may gather if a dangerous storm is on the way. There, he said, they can feel comfortable, safe and well protected. “When a storm is coming where do you go? The storm will pass and the sun will shine tomorrow,” said Boatmun.

For more information about the “Tackle Against Domestic Abuse” fundraiser, please contact the Crisis Control Center in Durant at 924-3032 or send donations to P.O. Box 113, Durant, OK 74702. Remember all donations are kept local and will be tax deductible.