YWCA’s Week Without Violence

Emily Clark

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News)- This week the YWCA of Salt Lake City hopes to inspire our entire community to join in the fight against domestic violence. During the week activities are planned to get everyone, young and old, working towards a violence free Utah.

Wednesday morning the YWCA awarded Salt Lake City Police Chief Burbank for his work protecting Utah women and their families. But the bigger message this morning, the difference anyone can make.

Chief Burbank said, “You can change the world, one person at a time.”

That’s the message for the Week Without Violence. The YWCA is encouraging everyone to work towards zero violence in our state.

Melinda Pettingill, the prevention educator director for YWCA, spoke to ABC4 during this morning’s breakfast. Pettingill said, “Its an issue that belongs to all of us and when we all take a piece in this and recognize it and make personal changes, that’s when we’ll see things change.”

Wednesday marks the half way mark in 168 hours preventing violence in Utah. Each day activities through out Salt Lake City hoping to teach everyone, we can be better.

One activity already up and running, 3,363 flags set up along 4th South outside the Salt Lake County building. Each white flag represents a man, woman or child who stayed at a domestic violence shelter last year.

Besides the flags, YWCA has been starting young working with Salt Lake City Libraries and their Book Baby story time. Each morning this week the message for the story time has been friendship and kindness. Something each mom there says they are starting to teach young in their kids.

Mom Heidi Buchi said, “We try and teach her everyday don’t hit, kick, or punch. It’s something that definitely needs to be enforced early on.”

More Week Without Violence activities will be happening through out the week.

Thursday – 9:30 Daffodil Planting at the City and County Building.

Thursday – noon to 10:00pm a portion of meals at the Noodles & Company on 358 South 700 East will go to the YWCA.

Saturday – 9:30 2nd Annual Walk Against Violence at Liberty Park.

Source: http://www.abc4.com/content/news/links_numbers/story/YWCAs-Week-Without-Violence/BBgBE3wEzEKkRNw3RQ2CPw.cspx