Reproductive Coercion and Partner Violence:
A New Study on Unintended Pregnancies

Presented by Elizabeth Miller and Rebecca Levenson
Thursday, October 7, 2010, 12 to 1pm ET.

A recent study by researchers from UC Davis School of Medicine and Harvard School of Public Health in collaboration with the Family Violence Prevention Fund sheds light on a little-recognized form of abuse in which men use coercion and birth control sabotage to get a female partner pregnant (when she doesn’t want to be) and attempt to control the outcomes of the pregnancy. Reproductive coercion is common in relationships where women experience physical or sexual partner violence. Joining us are author Elizabeth Miller, an assistant professor of Pediatrics in the UC Davis School of Medicine and practitioner at UC Davis Children’s Hospital and Rebecca Levenson, Senior Policy Analyst at the Family Violence Prevention Fund, who will discuss the findings of their study and the implications for prevention and intervention efforts.
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