Domestic Violence Shelter Volunteers

What organization do you volunteer for?

Answer: I am a volunteer at the Domestic Violence Shelter. I do child care while they have group. It’s usually preschool during the school year and anyone up to age 11 in the summer.

How long have you volunteered with this organization?

A: I think it’s right about 10 years.

Why do you volunteer with this program?

A: Once I took the training and I got into it, I enjoyed working with the children. My first experience with preschool (aged children) because when I taught I taught ages 6 to 12. This was a new experience for me.

Why volunteer with this organization versus another one?

A: Actually, friends approached me and they worked there at The Shelter. I worked there with my friends and I stayed. It’s one day a week that I can be of help.

What do you do as a volunteer here?

A: There are all kinds of toys, Legos, a table with instruments and the TV is on “Sesame Street” or some other educational program. … It’s whatever they want to do. Each child is different. Some look at TV and some play with the toys. It’s just whatever the kids want to do. I don’t have anything else planned. It’s constantly changing from one activity to another. I just watch and make sure everything goes OK.

What do you get out of volunteering here?

A: Just being satisfied of knowing that I helped and can be of help. Sometimes there’s a big laugh and sometimes there’s not.

Would you suggest that someone volunteer for this organization?

A: I would. I was the only one out of 15 to 20 (people) that took the course that was interested in child care. It’s a pleasure (to work with the kids), but you have to like to work with people. I enjoy trying to make a connection with the child. I would recommend it. If people like to work with children then I’d say, yes.

What’s your fondest memory here?

A: A couple of years ago they had a couple older kids and there are these big blocks you put together like puzzle pieces and we had a blast putting them together to make buildings and a city. It’s just the little things. Nothing really big. It’s just a pleasure to be able to communicate on a non-communicable level and show them that I enjoy being with them.