Denise Hines, PhD and Emily Douglas, PhD have recently published an article in the current issue of Partner Abuse journal titled “A Closer Look at Men who Sustain Intimate Terrorism by Women.” The study is based on the reports by 302 men who had sustained severe domestic violence in the previous year at the hands of a female partner.

These were the types of aggression and percentage of female batterers who employed each type of aggression:

  • Minor Psychological – 100.0%
    Severe Psychological – 96.0%
    Controlling Behaviors – 93.4%
    Insisting on Sex – 41.1%
    Minor Physical – 98.7%
    Severe Physical – 90.4%
    Very Severe Physical – 54.0%
    Total Physical (Minor and Severe) – 100.0%

Source: Hines DA, Douglas EM. A closer look at men who sustain intimate terrorism by women. Partner Abuse Vol. 1, No. 3, 2010. Table 3.